Signs of Witness 2

But I digress. This is not the time for a reasonable assessment of the widespread and probably irreversible damage that human race has caused and likely will be causing to our habitat until we wise up or go extinct (so therefore, until we’re extinct). This is for mordant levity about the weird-ass folks that believe the world is coming to an end for weird-ass reasons.

For as long as there have been human beings with a sense of the passage of time, for as long as there have been new generations and changes to ‘the way things are’, there has been the idea — either as an undercurrent or a commonly-held belief, depending on the circumstances of your existence — that things were building to some sort of final time (the three cherries of disaster?)

Yet as civilization progresses and mankind’s reach increases, the argument only becomes more and more valid. Imagine the ‘end is near’ proponents of a century ago, digesting all of the new facts and new incentives to despair — once they had got over the fact that the world has not already ended, that is!

On the other hand, the world has changed in many severe ways, both during recorded history and especially before mankind was a ‘major player on the scene’. It is not ridiculous to entertain the possibility that an event could truly occur that would be (to use the well-known phrase, and song title) the end of the world as we know it. For my contractor, this would mean no more gambling – specifically, no more searches for online slots for players in the United StatesIn fact it would also mean no more designer shoes, or fast food, or … anything.

But that’s not to downplay the disastrous potential that mankind increasingly possesses with each passing year, nor the number of possibilities unrelated to mankind that could easily spell the end of history. Between the changes that human beings have wrought upon the planet and more astronomical possibilities (comets, meteors, or just small changes in the many little details that make our existence on this planet possible), we really could, at any moment, face a cataclysm that would wipe us out.

The fact is that if the end of the world is on the way, we should at least try to get as much time in doing what we like before it arrives. This makes perfect sense to me. But it’s my opinion that it will probably happen in a way that few could have predicted — especially the people that spend most of their time making such predictions. Of course, I could be wrong… And my contractor could win big at the online slots he is always playing.

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